Accusation over failed trade deal rejected

BEIJING (China Daily / ANN) - Beijing rejected on Monday Washington’s claim that China broke a trade deal the two sides had agreed upon, saying efforts by the United States to confuse the public and shift blame are in vain.

US President Donald Trump said on Friday at the National Association of Realtors Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo in Washington, “We actually had a deal, and they broke it.”

On Monday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said: “I do not know what this deal means. Maybe the US has a deal it hopes for, but it is by no means agreed to by China.” 

The fundamental reason for the failure to reach an agreement after 11 rounds of bilateral trade talks is that the US is trying to exert maximum pressure on China to realize unreasonable demands, Lu said at a daily news briefing, adding that it was destined not to work from the start.

Lu said that “after the US failed to pressure China and triggered extensive doubts and market fluctuations at home and abroad, Washington tried to confuse public opinion and shift blame to others, which is futile”.

China has shown sincerity and a constructive attitude during the 11 rounds of consultations, which is obvious to the international community, he said.

He reiterated that basing negotiations on mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit is the right track to ensure a successful result.

Also on Monday, Lu said Beijing welcomes US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad’s upcoming visit the Tibet autonomous region, where he can witness the economic and social development there as well as see the improvements in people’s livelihoods over the past 60-plus years since its peaceful liberation.

Branstad is scheduled to visit Qinghai province and Tibet from Sunday until Saturday, Agence France-Presse reported.

Lu said he hopes that during the trip Branstad will set aside prejudices and make his own judgment based on facts instead of being misguided by rumors.


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