Japan’s IR basic policy to be announced after upper house poll this summer

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) - The announcement of a basic policy on integrated resorts (IR) with casinos until after this summer’s House of Councillors election will be delayed by the government.

The government will delay the announcement of a basic policy on integrated resorts (IR) with casinos until after this summer’s House of Councillors election.
 There has been strong anxiety among the public over the launch of the casino business in the nation. Given these circumstances, the government concluded that the announcement would inevitably have an adverse impact on the upper house election. 
 Before announcing a basic policy, which will define criteria for approving districts for the establishment of casino facilities, among other content, the government first needs to set up a casino management commission that will supervise operators of the casino business. 
 After obtaining Diet approval, the prime minister will appoint five members of the envisaged commission, including its chairman. The government is also considering submitting an appointment plan to the Diet during an extraordinary session this autumn, or later.   
 Local governments hoping to bring casino facilities to their areas need to compile their enforcement policies — with such information as criteria for selecting operators — based on a basic policy, in order to solicit and select business operators. The central government will subsequently approve a development plan compiled by local governments and business operators.
 The IR promotion law promulgated last July stipulates that a management commission will be established within 18 months and a basic policy will be announced within two years after the promulgation. 
 The government had initially planned to set up a management commission during the current Diet session and announce a basic policy this summer, to secure enough preparation time for local governments and business operators. 
 Now with the delay in the announcement of a basic plan, the opening of the casino business will likely be delayed from the previously expected kickoff in 2023 or 2024.


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