Laos aims to cut number of poor familes to 5% in 2020

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) - The government is aiming to lift 3,200 families above the poverty line this year, and if achieved, would mean that only 4.9 per cent or 60,000 families in total would still be classified as undeveloped.

An article in Kao Today, published on January 7, discussed the target, referring to a government report delivered at the most recent National Assembly session.

The plan indicates that 220 villages will remain below the poverty line, while the government will declare 100 villages to be models of development.

The government will create 18 more townships, establish permanent settlements and secure jobs in 163 villages, and stop unregulated migration.

Under the plan, Savannakhet province’s Nong district, and Huaphan province’s Xone district will graduate from poverty this year, while 21 districts will likely continue to be classified as poor.

According to the report, the government invested 112 billion kip to fulfil last year’s poverty reduction plan for the implementation of 659 projects. These involved road construction and repairs, small irrigation system development; construction of schools, dispensaries and latrines, and training in agriculture and animal husbandry.

In addition, 137 billion kip was allocated as loans to provide communities with financing.

Highlighting achievements made over nine months of last year, the government revealed that 112 villages, or 56 percent of the target, and 2,209 families, or 47.5 percent of the target, succeeded in their development efforts.

The government planned for 100 villages to gain development status but this target was exceeded by 67, with the country now having 4,305 developed villages. 



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