Thailand puts on best face as prime Asean centre for beauty pageants

BANGKOK (The Nation/ANN) - Thailand is increasingly becoming the prime centre for the staging of international beauty contests in Asean, a trend that a key industry player says is in line with the government’s Thailand 4.0 model to promote the tourism sector and related businesses.

Pawina Bamrungrot, managing director of Miss Aura International Co Ltd (MAI), said that the holding of beauty pageants is a business that falls under the tourism industry. Benefits to the country include money generated from sponsorships, transport, media activities and advertising, Pawina said.

 “We estimate that more than Bt500 million per year is being generated by Thailand’s hosting of beauty contest activities, working out at between Bt15 million and Bt20 million for each content,” she said.“That can be a starting point for boosting other related businesses, such as business travel, hotels, air and land transport service, as well as advertising and public relations. The move will reinforce the government policy, backed by the private sector, to mobilise the tourism sector in Thailand under the Thailand 4.0 economic model.”

Pawina said that MAI has expertise in hosting beauty pageants both in Thailand and beyond. The company also owns the copyrights from ERM Thailand for hosting more than 18 major beauty pageant contests all over the world.“These factors show that we are more than just an organiser of beauty pageant contents,” Pawina said. “If you look at the overall beauty pageant contest industry in Asean, we (Thailand) are at the centre of it in the region. MAI represents Thailand as an organiser of local beauty pageant contests. 

“We also hold the right for hosting international beauty contests in Thailand. Today, MAI as a leader in international beauty pageants, aims to develop the beauty industry continuously in Thailand and beyond. We are ready to move the industry forward to a world-class level.”
MAI, which also organises modelling competitions, is gearing up to host Miss Tourism Queen International 2018 from May 8-17. The final round of the contest will be held on May 16 at the Royal Thai Navy Convention Hall.

Pawina said the company is more active than ever with introducing diversity in the contest formats to respond to global trends. “The beauty pageant business in the international market today has reached the stage where the competition is more aggressive,” Pawina said. “Copyrighted and non-copyrighted beauty pageants alike have adjusted their ways of organising the contests to respond to the global trend. MAI will continue to develop new forms of contest activities, and judging criteria to respond to the global trend. The contest information will be fully publicised through social networks to cover worldwide target groups and promote Thailand’s image in this industry.

“As the business leader in organising domestic and international beauty pageants and modelling competitions, and the holder of ERM copyrights, we are ready to sell our franchises to international buyers. “Last year, we sold five franchises of international beauty pageants including Miss All Nation, and Miss Tourism Queen. We also sold 10 franchises in Thailand including Mister Manhunt International, and Miss all Nation. Our revenue target for the year 2018, which includes ERM copyright sales and MAI’s competition organising is set to grow by 5 per cent, for an increase of Bt30 million,”

She said the aim of the Miss Tourism Queen International 2018 “is not only to seek the most beautiful and talented girls, but also to create a good image of Thailand” and to help strengthen the economy. “We are ready to help promote Thailand’s tourism industry and help the government achieve the target of driving Thailand towards the top 10 of tourism countries,” Pawina said.